Our AI-as-a-Service (AI-a-a-S) redesigns the way we work and collaborate. Our patent-pending technologies in NLP and NLG fuel employee productivity by making knowledge transfer faster, cheaper, and smarter. 


EruditeAI accelerates employee productivity with AI Augmented Dialogue.

Searchable knowledge capital 

Current and granular skills maps

Collaboration scaffolded with data

Knowledge Representations

Immediate matching to experts

Culture Fit Assessment

We reconstruct the workday with an AI system 

that inserts frictionlessly into an employee's workflow. 

Knowledge as tangible data

Text generation for knowledge transfer

Democratized Expert Networks

Exponential human learning exchanges

Accessible cross-functional expertise

Supported Conversations


Our AI eliminates silos.

Access expertise and supported across diverse, distributed teams

Functional Business Units

Democratize intelligence conversations with predictive text-generation between people

Find the right person, and content, across all platforms (email, instant message, SMS)


Industry leaders recognize our AI advancements.

EruditeAI in IBM Watson AI Xprize

EruditeAI, Leading AI-Driven System to Augment Dialogue for People Collaboration, selected to compete in $5M IBM Watson AI XPRIZE®

Enhancing talent acquisition
and retention with AI

Our CEO, Kathy Benemann, shares 3 tips for HR executives in portal for HR professionals

AI research partners 


Future of Learning. For All.

We strengthen talent at its source. 

Our K12 product, Eri, uses EruditeAI's technology to deliver peer-to-peer mathematics tutoring at a radical cost reduction less than 40 times the market. 

Patrick Poirier
CTO and Co-Founder

Our Team

Romain Kakko-Chiloff
AI Intern

Kathy Benemann
CEO and Co-Founder

Robert Jakubowicz

Sr Full Stack Developer

Amy Tran
Education Evangelist

Clemente Cuevas

AI Technical Lead

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